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Peaceful Pasture

24" x 36" Pastel painting (see under Originals and Prints)

About the Artist



Greg Stett was born and raised in New Jersey. He received his love of art and talent from his mother, and his scientific genes from his father. The career years were spent in the Biomedical field in Louisiana and Texas. He returned to New Jersey at retirement.

Greg dabbled in drawing from childhood. He wanted to major in art in college, but his father said, “you can be anything you want, as long as it’s a lawyer, doctor or engineer.” As a pre-med student in Wake Forest College, he spent much of his time cartooning and doing the artwork for his fraternity, Theta Chi. This did not help his studies and his father pulled him out of college after his junior year and told him to sign up for whichever branch of the service he wanted. Greg enlisted in the Air Force and completed his tour of duty. After quickly maturing in basic training, Greg went on to get his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering, his Masters in Biomedical Engineering and his MBA. It wasn’t until retirement that he took up his first love, art. He started by doing portraits of his grandchildren as Christmas presents for his children. Then moved on to serene scenes of his favorite places, Cape May and Mannington.

Greg loves working in pastels because they capture the reflections and light of nature, the glow of the sun on sand, sky or water, as well as the translucence of skin and the twinkle in an eye. He splits his time between Cape May and Mannington, New Jersey. Both places offer a never-ending supply of inspiring and wonderful things to paint.

Greg is a member of the Salem County Art League, the Cape May County Art League and the Pastel Society of New Jersey.


Double Winner

Greg was a double winner of the 2019 Gallery 50 South Jersey Landscape and Wetlands Competition. His pastel painting "Growing Cygnets" received two first place prizes in the categories of Best Work on Paper and the People's Choice award.